On the UK leaving the EU

Though ages leave your chalk white cliffs unchanged -

were I a traveller, they'd not prepare

my spirits for the scene that waits – estranged

your broken days I walk, days full of care;

no dawn dispels the curling fog you wear,

drifting the oceans rudderless – a ship

no captain helms, while through the twilight air

comes luring, voiceless songs - lulled in their grip

the crew in two unruly bands has split,

while jagged rocks you skirt between unmanned -

a passage perilious, round isles that sit

in mists phantasmal, tempting hope for land -

the hope - on bleak horizons, growing near -

a paradise uncharted might appear.

On the UK leaving the EU poem chris laverty

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jennifer Malden

Fri 10th May 2019 16:29

Great writing! Keith, I remember we had some assistance from the French and Americans too, and Hitler overreached himself when he attacked Russia, but I agree there was a period after Dunkirk when we were pretty much alone. Also being an island was a huge advantage! Agree about the 'unruly bands', but have serious doubts about the 'uncharted paradise'.The world has changed enormously in the last 80 years.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 10th May 2019 15:39

I concur with the comments from Keith. We have been in worse
situations before and our strength has always been our self-belief.
We need only re-discover that to see and successfully navigate the way ahead to the wider world.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 9th May 2019 10:18

Chris - you've based your whole piece on a day trip to Jaywick. Next time try Tunbridge Wells!

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keith jeffries

Thu 9th May 2019 07:02


This fine poem atriculates well the present dilema faced by the people of Brtiain. This is not the first time in our history that we have sailed alone. Eighty years ago Hitler had the Continent in his grip as we stood alone and fought him with all our might for six years. Thank you for this poem and its perspective which will be of interest to many here at this time of uncertainty and division.


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