A new head

 I walked on a hard earth track, but the earth shook

And turned into the silt, I sank into the mum only me

Head was above ground, after some time the raven

Came and gouged out my eyes, much later the fox came

Ate my lips and ears. They were chased away by the boar

Who ate the whole head.

As the soil hardened I was able to get up and as you know

We have two brains one is in the stomach and is

Rudimentary but well enough to guide me home, my neighbor

was astonished, “Have you lost your head’

He drove me to the hospital where I was fitted to the head

Of a newly dead person, and his thoughts were pornographic

And foul.  I shave this face every morning and tries to

Alter its brain waves, which is a bit of a job as he often falls

Back to his old behavior and swear at people.

Not tell people to fuck off because they haven’t what you

Asked for, here the other day the waiter said he had

Only octopus with rice and ate it, went blind for

Half an hour while telling my new brain that too

Much starch is bad for diabetes and it tries do not follow

Its instinct, but adjust his food intake, of course sometimes

It forgets gets gluttonous and eats chocolate cakes.


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