Should we talk of those who we know not,

should we presume to know their hearts?

to measure all by our own lot,

is that not where division starts?


Could we not find some other tongue,

not forked or held or shackled dumb?

one true enough that all might hear

above the Babel-buzz of fear.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 6th May 2019 12:37

Hi Rachel,

thanks for checking in.

Logocide eh, it seems to be prolific in this age where our leaders lie and misuse language in the most bewildering ways. Often it is not deliberate on their part, sometimes it is simply because they are imbecilic.

The deliberate misappropriation of words is far less forgivable, what more can be said.

I've noticed how new words have been invented and subsequently appropriated by groups to use as an insult against those who originated them. An act of ultimate disdain no less, most recently I became aware of the term "terf" and how it has been transformed into an insult rather than its intended identifying meaning. This occurrence has led to the originating group seeking a new word by which to identify themselves.

Whether or not our sympathies lie with the "terfs" or those opposed to them the purpose of the action seems to be to grammatically cleanse their identity, giving the group no firm base to cling to. Almost like ethnic cleansing, burning the ground beneath them until they have no place to be.

Language truly can be utilised as a weapon.

I'll let readers discover the meaning of the word "terf" for themselves if not already known. I am not really wishing to discuss the topic of its meaning, simply the means by which others seek to obliterate particular voices.


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Mon 6th May 2019 07:20

A decade or more ago, I learned a new word: "logocide".
It isn't merely the killing of words, it is the deliberate misappropriation of language.

During a recent class, a student and I discussed the subject of expressing anger and noted the phenomena by which people sometimes dress verbal attacks in smiles and subtle language in order to disorient an opponent--a practice that is, at its least, disingenuous.

Over the years, I've learned all too well how such tactics are used to inculcate the unsuspecting...

We should not only prepare ourselves to be heard properly, maybe we should also practice to hear with an unprejudiced ear.

With appreciation for the ability to discuss not only the quality of poetry, but its subject,


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 4th May 2019 20:18

Thank you Dorothy and Stu,

I suppose this is one of my many revisited subjects.

Our failure to communicate and make ourselves understood is the root of all our troubles.


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Dorothy Webb

Sat 4th May 2019 17:02

this is so thoughtful and wistful and there is an air of sadness about it.
almost resigned regret.
I think it is beautiful.


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Stu Buck

Sat 4th May 2019 16:32

im in love with that last verse

amazing stuff

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