Fuck Narcissists

Shall we walk amongst men,

Feathered and torn,

Absorbing such a delicate flower?


Shadowed misery in the lime of starlight,

Gathered around for the awakening,

A father rots from heart forward.


Shallow graves dig a hole deeper,

Not fast enough,

To save me.


Oh but they beckon a cause!

This sick and contrived reasons for existence of water,

Their smiles sending shivers down my spine.


Gander to the horizon for those in-between,

And without:

The shadowed remnants,

Like me.


Walk in the side of a path forgotten,

A splintered shadow of forgotten men,

The husk of humanity,

The depravity of soul,

And wakeful misery,

To find peace.


To set sail for another,

Three wives and five children,

A vampire does not question his hunger.


Others sit with legs twisted,

Eyes blinded by the sychophantasy of aforementioned atrocities,

And they dare judge me for desiring to be free.


Fall deeper into the mother of horizon,

A defamation of the sea,

And the death of god.


Death cannot come soon enough for those that feed the devil.

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