My love,

My love, 

I’ve loved before, the foo’s past drew 

But never quite this much


I’ve loved in desperation 

With cries of passion and nights of anything but 


I’ve loved blindly, those undeserving all while eyes wide shut 


I’ve loved so hard and cried so long for loving those that watched me hurt. 


Risked so much and hung on way too long 

Because that’s what all the movies taught 


Then you came around when I wasn’t looking 

And before I knew how lucky

Still searching through the lost and found of all the loves I had before that I maybe shouldn’t of thrown out. 


And there you stood before me, you stood up straight and proud. 


I didn’t know it then, but here we are, remembering the first time I met this man of mine, the only time I’ve loved at all in this life of mine


All this life I’ve had so far and I never knew what it felt like to love a soul so kind and never once having to compromise who I am for the love I’ve found. 


And here I stand before you with hindsight holding my hand, while I piece together the night that I met my last love for the first time. 


A man so beautiful, I can’t describe 


See, I’ve loved before so to speak but those are the fucked up stories that Hollywood loves to weave 


And how grateful for them I’ll always be

For without all of them I would never know the difference 



Laughing in the mornings and goodnight kisses and bedroom stories 


Evening walks and loving motions a helping hand when It’s not deserving 


Patience and support that run for miles hugs and glances with only smiles 


Routine and simple nights that are never boring going to sleep at night knowing that you love me. 


Waking up everyday beside you and knowing that this is happy.

 I know you think it’s sappy, if only there could come a day where everything I feel for you was something I could convey. 


For, my life was paused all this time if only to enjoy it with you. 

This love of mine.

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 6th May 2019 18:44

Speechless. Beautiful!

J. x

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