double standards

you give money to patreons
and gofundme
cos the content looks neat
but won't bat an eyelid
to the homeless dying on the street

take a photo with them
do it for a couple of likes
meanwhile when winter comes around
they're outside dying on anti-homeless spikes

this is a raising epidemic
doesn't it make you feel sad
that could be your brother

as the rich get richer
and the poorer get poor
don't pretend these people don't exist like you are blind
everyone wants to spare a little "change"
but you have learn first the art of been kind 

homelesspunk poetryrealization

◄ I sit alone and think of you.

Against Apathy (2019 version) ►


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 25th Apr 2019 14:14

A theme that perpetuates down the ages - especially in big cities.
"Giving" takes various forms and any such deed is to be welcomed
for its intrinsic worth. I have lived and worked in the heart of London
for decades, with experience of those on its streets. There are those
who can be helped (and help themselves) and those who resist the
offered hand. And there are numerous good causes ready and willing to provide assistance...probably more than anywhere in the
world itself. We are even encouraged to avoid handing our change
out as we pass and give it instead to the organisations that exist
for the alleviation of "homelessness". In short, it must be for the
individual to decide.

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Wayne McLellan

Wed 24th Apr 2019 23:08

Well said my friend

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