I sit alone and think of you.

I've gone back to writing unrequited love poetry. apparently, I'm told everyone likes those. 

some references:
"I sit alone and think of you"- a song by Jandek
"I've spent my whole surrounded/alone"- opening lines from the song "unconditional" by The Bravery
"Alone but not lonely"- a line from Tired out by Buck 65
"the smile I have is only skin deep"- a line from The Joker in Batman (1989)

I've spent my whole life surrounded
and I've spent my whole life alone
a missing number in your directory
no distinctive dial tone

But while my head is full of static
and everything feels so blue
I sit alone 
and I think of you
as when I'm like this
I wish you were here
so I could tell you things
only you like to hear

"you see my smile is only skin deep"
your aura and presence 
misses you in sleep
alone but not lonely
as I sit upon my loner's chair
staring at you alluringly
I can't keep you from my stare

The distance between us
maybe not so far away
but I'm thinking of you 
just to pass the day

your aura
your smell
you are the one that no one can touch
but I know a person like yourself
can be only be loved so much

So while I play some music
and drown myself in a drink or two
I sit alone and think of you
it helps pass the day when distractions due

"this smile I have is only skin deep" 
and I hope for the day
it'll be yours to keep.


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