[Dudley town many years ago; any vacant space a disco. Sundays spent at the zoo!]

            THE NEW RELIGION [1969]


In ballroom, catacomb, crypt and cellar, institute and social club
Teenage tribe seeks youthful pleasure, dance sweaty beat in backstreet pub

Distanced from the outside world, our physicality unconfined
Prophesy’s now self-fulfilled as senses thrill distorted mind

We danced the frenzied dance of youth while summer drifted on unseen
Time had trapped us in the present, exiled from what once had been

Explosions far off in the distance, portent of change and seismic shift
The past now struggles to define us. In truth it's always been like this

Still at night we danced with heartbeats pounding rhythm, sleep won't come
Life is just a call to arms, a battle to be fought and won

Some speak in tongues of past persuasion, ‘our kingdom come thy will be done’
But in the Holy Church of Music, the new religion has begun

Righteous indignation follows, snapping at our dancing feet
Deconsecrated ground now taken over by rock-steady beat

Aetha says a little prayer, somewhere in a crowded room
While parents dance, 'quick, quick, slow' to an old forgotten tune

As church bells peel in protest, the week-end disappears from view
The body-politic now reincarnate as The Human Zoo

Like caged animals we lounge languid, teeth and claws now nullified
Distorted mirrors in the House of Fun, deserted stalls and Dodgem ride

Carousing on the Carousel with friends soon to be left behind
The Tunnel of Love closed for repair, as the August sun declined

We watched the night time getting longer, candle burning from both ends
Morning came to find us waiting for the beat to start again

We revelled in our mystic madness, measured by loves profligacy
Determined not to ask the question, ‘do your parents know of me’?





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