Breaths escape me, choking on nothing.

The world spinning, a swirl of memories return.

The blood, the pain, the agony.

How my childhood was taken from me.

The bruises, the screams, the silence.

Why me? Is what I ask myself every day.

The truth, the lies, the emptiness.

The way the world turned into a nightmare.

The crying, the sadness, the trouble.

I don’t know what happiness is.

The lunacy, the craziness, the messes.

I never found out what normal is.

The past, the present, the future.

I never had anything going for me, and now my life is being taken from me.

The first, the third, and the last breathe.

Nothing ever changes.

The hospital, the school, the cemetery.

That’s how I lived my life.

The drinking, the beating, the abuse.

How did I get such bad luck?

The sun, the stars, the moon.

Everything seemed so bright and hopeful.

The knives, the swords, the gun.

This is how I was taken

The fosters, the group homes, the homeless.

What happened to my family?

The beginning, the middle, and now the end.

My life is taken...

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 21st Apr 2019 23:37

Beautifully stark and sad.

J. x

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