Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye My Friend 


I wake to a world of indifference and sorrow 

My soul you’ve returned, all stilted and hollow


A desperate break, our mutual agreement 

This mirror brings truth, its reflection I lament


A life apart, an eagle unbound 

The north wind she seeks, for in the south I am found


To health, to wealth, to art and desire

To your success unfettered, to chains and barbed wire


For truth be told, this warrior must rise

My heart is a weakness, a whisperer of lies


The courage to walk the path of forgiveness

A redemption of self, a life of sheer madness


Goodbye my friend, I shall remember the light

Your footsteps fade, I turn, it’s night




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The Carbon Quill

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 23:21


Thank you so much. Your words of encouragement are invaluable to this lost soul


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Sun 21st Apr 2019 03:51

A puppet master with our heart strings. If you ever publish a collection of your poetry, let me know. I will purchase it immediately and put it by my bedside to keep me company on lonely nights. I love your work! It speaks to me. ❤

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The Carbon Quill

Sun 21st Apr 2019 00:57


Thank you brother!

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keith jeffries

Sat 20th Apr 2019 18:53

A lament with no hope of reconciliation, a sadness so well articulated.

Thank you for this exquisite poem,

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