Almost There

Am I almost "there"?
Is "there" an indication of personal success?
A win, a triumph, a place I must reach before a certain age
A point in time I will remember forever
Will I know when I've reached "there"?
Is it victorious,
The pinnacle
A culmination of a life's journey
Am I "there" yet?
The internal question I can't escape
A silent pressure to obtain status
What if I never reach "there"?
Am I a failure,
Will my existence be incomplete?
Perhaps "there" is nothing more then an illusion
never to be reached
Moving forward I contemplate;
Am I so far from "there"
that I don't know where "there" is?


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Mon 15th Apr 2019 14:56

Very thoughtful poem, well done! A lot to ponder, including whether we should spend more time focusing on the “how” rather than “there”.

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keith jeffries

Mon 15th Apr 2019 09:33


You are back in full swing and so many of us on this side of the pond are delighted to see your magnificent poetry yet again. This poem addresses something which haunts most people: where am I going? How do I get there? Where is there? Eternal questions which live in all our minds.

There is where you want to be either professionally or personally therefore ´there ´is for you to decide. It is not an illusion and failure is often good as it spurs people on to achieve even more. There will be your goal so you alone must determine where there is.

What an awful lot of theres and wheres!

A thought provoking poem which I applaud.
Thank you

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