First Person

I knew from the beginning

The sun would rise

Teach me to cast my eyes to heaven

Cloudy days are sacrifices 

To compensate we have the green

And water worlds, tall trees and dappled sunlight

Most would like the world to be clean again

 I knew from the beginning that my heart was tender

Easily broken. There is no balm for the earth's hurt.

There's no point fooling around, time is short

Wounds sometimes heal  I knew from the beginning

That I didn't want to live a life with eyes closed

Mind and senses anaesthetised

Permanently marooned on the island of self

Developing a dryness of manner, alienating people

Who endure a closed life of repetition.

Simple used to be a compliment as holy fools attest

Avoiding the vortex of doubt

We walk in shade and sun, lay out a platter of dreams

And seem

So tired from all the walking and thinking that we miss the dawn

Live too much at night and seek a cure in dreams and words.

It is time to give gifts of time and money beneath the holy sun. 


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