On The Road To Samaria

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In these shoes,

I negotiate life in the third person;

toes swathed in top quality calfskin,

safe from random shit and shards,

where neither grass nor paved path

can sully these soft arches and soles.


I wear these suits;

an actor avoiding the fourth wall,

costumed and painted with lines learnt,

senses fenced off with silk and cashmere,

any truthful light blocked by scenery.


I drive these cars;

cosseted in high-end second skin caskets,

hermetically sealed and sheltered from rain,

all shocks absorbed and sins absolved,

reality suspended for the duration.


In front of these screens,

I casually exploit worlds lived separately,

salving conscience with painless gestures,

shifting small sums with gift aided texts,

untouched by the sweat of first person lives;


always remembering to give openly,

while keeping a record for tax purposes.





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