Cycle Haiku


Never cast a clout

while the cherry blossom’s out;

wait for confetti.


“It’s cracking the flags”.

A black and white hosepipe ban;

moonlight sprays the lawn.


Fires in the fall.                                                           

Dead leaves to feed tomorrow,

daily bread for all.


Walking on thin ice,

I have promises to keep.

Season of goodwill.


NaPoMoWri 2019

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Laura Taylor

Wed 10th Apr 2019 14:58

Haha Trev - I kept meaning to do one anyway 😀

Yeh, I like the first one best too, but thought I'd be a smart-arse and cycle through the seasons, keeping in sight of the prompt 😃

Also - I can't decide between this last line, or

'in bleak midwinter'

Whaddaya reckon?

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 10th Apr 2019 13:59

The much-threatened haiku? 😂

I love the first one! And the rest aren't too shabby either.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 10th Apr 2019 13:12

Ooo ta mate! Yeh, was about time for a haiku anyway and today's prompt just presented itself 😃

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 10th Apr 2019 12:52

love this one mate - simple idea that works really well - very effective 😃

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Laura Taylor

Wed 10th Apr 2019 12:23

Day 10, Napowrimo 2019

Today's prompt: write a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon.

* * *

Weather? Begging for haiku that prompt 😀

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