Dear You

Dear you ,

In this moment you came to me 

You are probably thinking that you are not enough... that you are less than .

You are not smart because your grades are falling. 

You are broken because of your anxiety . You are emotional because you think too much . 

You are an addict because you self medicate . 

You are homeless because sometimes your house doesn’t feel like a home.

You are hopeless because you often  make mistakes . 

You are lazy because you sleep too much. You are worthless because no one needs you . 

You are faithless because you do not go to Church 

You are nobody in this world and therefore you are erased in the book of life 


Dear Me, 

In this moment , I need to remember that I am more than enough ... that I am greater than.

I am smart despite what a letter may tell you

I am human and sometimes, we get worried

I am passionate because I  love the world 

I treasure my health in every aspect 

I am not without a home because home is where my heart lies

I learn by making those mistakes 

I am a hardworking individual who sometimes deserves to rest 

I am valued ,respected ,and blessed

I am fearful of the One and Only Holy Spirit 

I am someone that belongs to this world and it will take time to find my purpose in the book of life.

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