The years went blind.

I slumbered in a cage

containing recipes for melodies,

bent to bathe in plastic-wrapped

shiny-shoe approval.

A matte black horizon,

made bearable by you.


I decorated top-to-toe,

re-arranged the furniture so often

that a trip down to the toilet

was a broken bone in waiting.

Someone said it was symbolic

of a disconnected essence,   

said that I should seek and find

my self, my real smile,

play the melodies surrounding me

and dance away the cage

so I painted on my tiger stripes and tried.


He left me on the floor,

playing dead from the head down,

and that is where you found me.

A corner of your jigsaw gone forever,

you fragmented.

Four years old and therapy insisted

you were whole.



Napowrimo 2019

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Trevor Alexander

Thu 4th Apr 2019 21:02

A complex one this, I think. May need a few readings for me. Some nice imagery though.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 4th Apr 2019 13:38

I've sparked a few friends off doing it this year, and they are thoroughly enjoying it. Two of them haven't written a thing in months, and are coming out with some absolute crackers 😃

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Laura Taylor

Thu 4th Apr 2019 13:37

Hello Graham, thank you.

Well the idea is to obviously write new stuff, but in ways that you might not have thought of doing, and with prompts that may not necessarily have occurred to you. You do a fresh one every day for the month of April. It's a real challenge. I usually only write when something sparks me, like most poets.

It's not about coming up with perfectly formed poems either, but rather, getting something together in draft form. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you do get finished pieces on the same day. Mostly though they're in draft form, and there's a real deliciousness in then taking the time to revisit and edit them. This one, for example, is going to be edited at a later date, for sure.

No one forces you to publish them. I do because I like to get them all down and out, but not everyone does.

Personally, I get fresh ideas, and I really enjoy the challenge. It IS difficult. So what? That's a good thing.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 4th Apr 2019 13:25

Hello Laura, good to see you back (if only briefly).
Can I ask about the NaPoWriMo thing? What is the purpose of it?
I got the writing idea (getting writers to knuckle down and write so many words a day for a month etc,) but don’t get how that transfers to writing poetry quickly.
I know if I attempted it, quality would suffer. I remember you doing this last year and if I remember right, struggled to complete it.
So I guess my real question is, what does the poet get from it?



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Laura Taylor

Thu 4th Apr 2019 12:45

Day 4 of Napowrimo

Today's prompt: write your own sad poem, but one that achieves sadness through simplicity. Playing with the sonnet form may help you.

* * *

I've never written a sonnet so will try another time. It's bloody hard enough coming up with a fresh poem every day!

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