I remember the big front door

that once was green

but later re-painted red

with number nineteen

screwed under the locker,

"red is smart I said".

The door closed against the world

shutting the outside out -

shutting in the big table -

 - and the big brown sofa.


The room was large then

with space by the fire

for cutting and sticking

and dressing peg dolls

in coils of French Knitting.

I remember the mantle -

and the big ticking clock

with its Westminster Chime

that divided the days

into play-time and night-time.


Highland cows stared

from their dark oak frame

and the big mirror hung

on it's rust tarnished chain.

A flight of three ducks

hid the cracks in the wall

while the buffed leaded grate

gave us comfort.


These things were important

to one who was small

- but in time I grew taller

 - and the room - - -

correspondingly smaller.

The door that was green

and re-painted red

with number nineteen

screwed under the knocker

            was thrown open

                   to let in the world.






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Dorothy Webb

Thu 4th Apr 2019 20:19

Thank you very much for yor comment. I must admit to never reading my poems out loud I suppose I should, I have not thought about it.

I had not thought of 'naive' but it does some up that era perfectly and comfortably. You are right we never sprawled we even sat at the table to read.


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Thu 4th Apr 2019 19:52

You have utterly captured that retro slightly select mood to harmonize with that slightly naïve period I went through - what we used to call with respect shabby genteel - a move up from that obviously! but still a comfortable sense of having arrived at the top of our station. The metaphor of the sofa is lovely, well before Gogglebox and the slovenly sprawling associated with it today.

Enjoyable offering Dorothy.


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 4th Apr 2019 19:03

Love that Dorothy. Not only is it a lovely, heartwarming poem but it's just really enjoyable to say, you know, to read out loud.

J. x

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Dorothy Webb

Thu 4th Apr 2019 16:15

Did you really have the 'flight of ducks' craze
'down under' as well as 'us up here'?

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Dorothy Webb

Thu 4th Apr 2019 16:12

Yes that as what we called Fench Knitting and we were very proud of it.

Only two ducks? - you were deprived
Cuckoo Clock - Huh!
- but we did have our highland cows, sheep too, but I couldn't fit them in

We were so sophisticated in those days

jennifer Malden

Thu 4th Apr 2019 16:02

Nice! If by ' French Knitting' you mean what we used to do using a wooden cotton reel with 4 pins stuck in it, I remember that too! We then used to sew the tube of knitting into circles to make hideous mats to put under hot pans or vases! We were vastly inferior with only two ducks, but we had a cuckoo clock!!!


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Don Matthews

Thu 4th Apr 2019 13:56

That is good Dorothy......someone else remembers three duck on the wall....

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