Rock Bottom

On my belly I crawled,
Dragging my languid extremities 
Along the mud-caked floor,
Eyes dull and listless.
I caught my reflection
In a puddle of putrid water,
A blurry image soaking up the light 
Between the grime and scum.

And it was there,
That stagnant place for so long I slithered 
Hoping to run into you, 
That the world hurled me into myself.

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Heart of Lead

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 22:46

Oh I like this. Vivid depiction of a grim wasteland and one who travels through it. The unexpected reflection is brilliant.

jennifer Malden

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 17:23

Really horrid, as meant to be. Agree with Vautaw about the imagery and message.

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Wed 3rd Apr 2019 08:09

Powerful imagery and message. ❤

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