Hit the north

"hit the north" has been written as a commissioned piece at a film festival I am performing at as a tribute to what it is like to be Northern and the north's illustrious history.

I'm a Northern soul
With a english heart
raised in a part of the country
Which I could not depart

Home of The Moors
Smoking chimneys
Clacking of clogs
On the lasting Cobbled street
People here greet with "aye up" and '"ow do"
Everytime they meet
It's grim up north
But pitiful down south
We were the industrial towns
Putting money int the mouth

A home of Flat capped elderly gentlemen
And older ladies who talk of he old days so sweet
And the seaside towns
Make this continent complete

Did I mention the music?
We had  Northern Soul
At Wigan Pier the kids danced with no self control 
A working class movement
It's varied far and wide
Manchester created the scene
We hold so dear with pride
Oasis, Joy Division, Factory Records and Stone Roses too
If you was an indie kid this was your go to.

Here in the north
Everyone can be considered your friend
But don't rub us up the wrong way
We can leave you in the mend

Cinematic scenes from films
That put this place on the map
Everytime I see brassed off
I say "I live here" 
Like it's no confusing mishap

So remember "it'll be reyt"
When you visit here and if you were  to leave you'll definitely would shed a tear

For The north is sometimes cold
But people's love here is not to be sold..

As Mark E. Smith said...
Hit the north! 

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