Unconditional love

Never stop loving unconditionally,

It’s part of what makes you, you.

Oh don’t worry, that would be impossible,

It’s the one thing that I don’t even have to try to do.


My heart is so soft, and I feel everything so deep,

If I love you, i will always love you in some way.

I love some who deserve every ounce,

And others who I shouldn’t even give the time of day.


At times I wish I could be a little more harsh,

Loving so deeply is not always the best.

Unconditional lovers like me often times get hurt,

Because we forget our hearts aren’t like all the rest.


Not everyone loves the same,

And not everyone feels everything so deep,

Not everyone overthinks every detail,

Not everyone is tired daily because they’re mind doesn’t rest so they can sleep.


On the brighter side of loving unconditionally,

not everyone gets to experience the depth of love I do,

And maybe that’s something I should be grateful for,

For instance, no one will ever feel the depth of love I have for you.


You are more special to me than you will ever know,

And I’m so thankful for the time you’ve given me.

If only I could find the right words to explain to you,

Oh, how I wish you could see.


Loving you deeply is something I’ll never take for granted,

You will forever have a piece of my heart,

And I’ll cherish every moment I get with you,

I love you now and I always will, even when we have to part.

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