Formula Milk

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These days as a new grandad

I'm more formula milk than Formula 1

so whilst Lewis and Kimi are screaming around Monza

testosterone fuelled

I'm changing the baby's nappy

high octane filled


Besides, I can't stand guys who act all flash

and are happy to take our hard earned cash

then hide away in Monaco or Switzerland

so the Taxman can't touch their secret stash


I hope the greedy bastards crash

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Brian Maryon

Wed 27th Mar 2019 22:08

Thank you MC, Don, Ray and Dorothy!

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Don Matthews

Mon 25th Mar 2019 12:11

But you gotta admit
That sweet goo goo gah gah
While you clear away the crap
Nothing can beat it by far

It smiles at you so lovingly
Although words it knows not, no does not
You turn up your nose in disgust
As you clear away shit from it's bot

Good onya grandad....?

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Mar 2019 09:14

The ultimate definition of changing a nappy
Has to be the short word "crappy"!
But I bet you enjoy that adoring look up at you as you do it!?

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