Poetry for my lover Limos

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Trying to find a suitable image of Limos but none convey her skeletal hunger frenzied state.

I was shocked when she kissed me. I had become another Erysichthon. But I was awake not asleep when the banshee of hunger was passed through my lips. I consented to her love. To share a meal with her of barren torment.

I ate your appetites and was swollen with ballooning anorexic unfulfillments. 

How the outside noises jar with the inner worlds.

My anorexic figure is decorative only.

If I was a pathogen I would slaughter the masses so I could breathe again.

God money takes me in for currencies unseen.

African disastors are American wet dreams.

Someone told me their truth but I want to know the truth about everything. I'm starving into another death. Amen.

I offer thanks to the commentators of my strange parade.

Winter wine chills the blood but cigarettes offer fleeting warmth like a fireplace that soon dies out.

Like a plague bearer crying out his wares in the street no one wants what I am offering.

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Red Faced King

Sat 30th Mar 2019 18:17

Thank you it means a lot to know others read and enjoy my aphorisms and fragments.

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Stu Buck

Sun 24th Mar 2019 13:57

love your writing. its got a rawness i find very appealing

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