Dad Dance

If you can move with unco-ordinated limbs

and move backwards when you want to advance

If you shuffle about

with your elbows stuck out

you've cracked're doing the dad dance


It doesn't take much to perfect it

Most of us do it with ease

With no self esteem

we occasionally scream

from the pain in our arthritic knees

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Brian Maryon

Mon 25th Mar 2019 07:26

Absolutely gutted this didn't get POTW but thanks for your support anyway!

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Martin Elder

Sun 24th Mar 2019 15:08

I try to make it a rule never to dance in any shape or form. I used to do it s supermarket when out with children to try and embarrass them. But they have grown up now and I have not.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 23rd Mar 2019 11:05

You can usually see it at some prophesy of creaky
(and cranky) days to come!

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