Fragments 3

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I do not care if you are vulgar but I do ask that you be polite.

I vomit up pearls and drink brandy to recover.

There is somthing comforting to a sentance with perfect grammar.

Barry lyndon ached once for love but it made him so much more.

Decency no longer runs in social circles there are too many broken links.

I experienced the death of the sun. I walked the streets of a silent civilisation in perpetual night.

How still and bright the night skies. Just the electric light of storefront windows to colour the blackness. Tiny spiders descend from the silent empty sky on gossamer strands.

I would settle for dissolution at the bottom of life's dregs than evaporation at its froth. 

Her aesthetic:

The truth is what it is, cold and unforgiving. Without distractions or hope it is a living death. We all avoid the truth yet wax lyrical about it.

My cat sits in the warmth and his reflection watches from the cold window framed night.

Settle for nothing that is something. Make life your own.

Instants that prohibit regret from their ranks.

Music should require no effort for enjoyment like a diet coke or a ciggerette.

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." Napoleon Bonaparte




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