The Land of the P's

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I've been asking myself a question, lately 

About what it is that I want

Because when I look inside myself

I see no aspirations of fame

No want for success 

Instead I see the plates of food I fixed

The worn pages of books I've read

I see a bright day and tall clouds

The wind blowing the pollen 

The sunlight cutting through

I see trees gnarled and thick,  muddy paths

I see a log that crosses a stream

Is it bad that I want nothing 

Is it bad that everything I've ever desired is before me

I grew up with the phrase

Everything for love

But I did not realize I took it so seriously 

I am happy,  and it confuses me greatly 

Because every part of society tells me I have failed

But I don't feel like a failure 

I don't feel like I lost

My kingdom may be small

But it has all of my heart


And Peace ►


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Sat 16th Mar 2019 08:25

Everything for love. Love it.

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keith jeffries

Fri 15th Mar 2019 17:10

Self questioning is a very useful exercise. Perhaps you have reached a place of contentment, if so then you are blessed for there is no more chasing and competing.

I enjoyed this poem
Thank you


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