Fragments 2

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I willingly drown myself in an ocean of life giving love.

I breathe without breath, I burn without flame.

Cobwebs hung from atoms in the silent eternal night.

The truth is rarely proceeded by "should".

Leaning into stillness until I fall over and disappear.

Without any effort the wind pulls and pushes.

A writer that regularly uses repetition must doubt the existence of their own echoes.

Sometimes a writer becomes drunk with poetry and in the cold light of sobriety is incredulous that such words were capable of evoking the splendour of love.

Without foresight humans are doomed to be nothing more than reenactments of history's worst mistakes.

Can there be any stranger substance than that of words? The phantoms they create linger on even in their absence.

A person whose words are alive, his conversation fills the room with wraiths.

Without space there would be no circles.

I was jealous of the sun's beauty today.

From the schizophrenia of an atom comes Satan's furious poetry.

The light of a terrible thunder is present on the face of every formless conception.

Fresh faced adults will give birth to geriatric babies. And the horizons will vomit up the octopi of Nero's duplicitous imagination.

The moon is complicit in the terrifying majesty of the sun.

Her purity tortured me, her darkness loved me.

The darkness of infinity turns over to reveal her shining face to me.

The night descends like a refuge for shadows.

Does infinity think about monsters or do monsters think about infinity?

Pride is often painful as it only follows its own footsteps.

I invented perversion so you could love me in new and diverse ways.

Time asked itself the question how long is a piece of string? then it pulled on regret.

If it can't wait then there's no point in starting.

Jesus Christ is Odin drowned in a sea of sentimentality.

I like sake forsakes sake.

Keep Don Quixote close but Sancho Panzer closer.


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