REMEMBER REMEMBER The 5th of November

I think it may be time for one of my silly 'fluffy' poems.

not written by me but by a puppy,  please excuse his spelling.


Oh deah! Oh deah!

i think that i am goin' to dy

there's culeerd lights aflashin' 'cross the ski

an' i've no ideah at orl the reeson wy

so i role into a borl an' whine an' cry.


Sumone sed that it's a firewurk display

so i'll close my eyes until it gows away

'cos little dogs were never tort to pray

wier just ment to stay at home to sleep an' play.


i'm afrid of orl that defning sownd

there ar lights that ar gowin ' round an' rownd

so i shiver as i hug the cold wet grownd

an' hope that in the morning i'll be fownd.


                          i'm so afrayd






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Dorothy Webb

Sat 16th Mar 2019 07:53

Thank you Jason and Don for your comments

MC. thank you also, I think that you have guessed that this 'poem' was written for a reason.
It is one of severel that I have put together in a self printed booklet to be sold at a local dog charity event


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Mar 2019 15:11

The reaction of dogs to the noise and visuals of Bonfire Night is
well known and these lines offer a very apt style to describe that
situation.from a pup's point of view.

Remember, remember the Fifth of November
When dogs howl and growl
And hope THEY don't remember

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Mar 2019 13:01

I am amazed your so astute
With language of the puppy
My knowledge of this pedigree
Is awful and so sloppy

I would not know how you would spell
A puppy slurpy slurpy
However I correctly know
A bird goes cherpy cherpy 😎

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 15th Mar 2019 11:58

Yur rite dorthy, it's bowt tym fur a bit ov hoomor.


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