The Day Gentrication Struck.. The Fax

My town, Halifax has gone through a rapid change since 2017 and the opening of the piece hall again.
with this, a whole line of musicians and artists and "outsiders" have flocked here to enjoy the "brewed to local taste" flavor of our town with the newly added additions of gin bars, vape shops, record stores etc..

But I remember the time before all this. the years of smoke-filled pubs filled with surly gentlemen who would not hesitate to scrap with you over a disagreement in a pub. No Record stores. closed down shops. The Zoo Bar. smoking in pubs. No Ed Sheeran. Ladies and gents, in the relation to the dreaded "Shoreditch of The North" tag (a tag I truly despise), I present to you "The Day Gentrification struck Halifax"

I remember the day gentrification struck Halifax
No one drank this thing called Gin
facial tattoos were considered a sin
No one put no faith in this apparent Haligonian called Ed
instead, time was taken up doing pills in the Tramshed!

"No poets in pubs"
And the air didn't smell of sweet-smelling Vape
it smelt of desperation, humiliation and escape
don't like the idea of pies in pubs
I preferred them when they full of black tar and clouds of smoke
breathing it in meant the first signs of bronchitis as you choke

There was no record stores for miles and miles...
But you could still find Girls Aloud Cd's in piles and piles
The emo kids hadn't made that jump yet to become tragically hip
and you wouldn't talk to people at bars in-case you got a fat lip

Yeah, I remember the days before gentrification struck the 'fax
where craft-ale was considered toss
and Newcastle Brown
was your only financial loss



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Jason Bayliss

Thu 14th Mar 2019 18:16

Ahh, I miss the days of smoking in pubs, that's the one thing I wish they hadn't changed even though I don't smoke anymore.
Great poem mate.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Mar 2019 17:01

Modern life ain't all bad - just some of it! And the input of well-intentioned investment to our invaluable high streets is always to
be welcomed and encouraged. Good to know that these things
are happening, even helped by official recognition of the need to renovate and restore our meeting places along the way.

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