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Steeped in confusion and physical frustration. I allow the dregs to surface. A burning inferno sliding down the back of a lightning bolt. 

And me an arching cat hissing with his hackles up. 

The mirror spat my reflection back and I'm still wiping my face. 

Where is Emily Dickinson? I called her name to the wind and the cold space. Her silent reply was I am that I am.

Sometimes the eyes contain many strange spectators.

Just humans being human. I was too proud to follow, too dumb to lead.

So I took the loneliest path imaginable and it lead straight back to me.

Never follow advice filtered through Chinese whispers.

When I cry I am watering the flower of the soul.

( Had a strange dream in which flowers are grown from the vagina and the roots are nourished upon suffering. )

A voice without inflection is like a face without wrinkles.

Love is infinite, love is all, that’s why love is an empty word, it requires great space.

What does it feel like to make eye contact with the sun?

The darkness is soft with possibilities.

Let the stars rain, little sparks of falling light, they are the children of the sun.

From Bethlehem to Bedlam and back again we are dancing pilgrims.

Emptiness is so alive, there can be nowhere to run that isn’t already inside of you.

We hold hands when we remember how we once touched.

It feels like a laceration when I cross out lines.

We walk in two worlds, the one within and the one within us all. To see God’s face and know yourself as everything.

If you want to save the world then save yourself, and if the opposite is true then destroy yourself.

Love is a peacful void of shining vibrant life.

Anytime that is not spent on love is wasted- Tasso

Faith is above judgement because faith is universal.



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