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You are soooooo stupid!

Said the head to the bleeding heart

You let yourself get hurt


Look at me! 

I don’t feel anything! I think!

I'm never broken! Always happy!


I can’t do that said the heart

If I won’t feel

I’ll freeze and die


I’d rather hurt, break, bleed 

a thousand times 

but feel alive!



◄ Can we change...

Rest in Peace ►


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Mar 2019 00:22

It has been said that the mind is the real sex organ - so is the heart
the real soul organ? 💘


Wed 13th Mar 2019 18:41

Thank you Damon! 😘

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Damon Blackery

Wed 13th Mar 2019 16:06

This is beautifully said

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 13th Mar 2019 13:59

Thanks Anya, this so underlines the fact that whilst your head can set a course, only your heart can give you the bravery to follow it or not.

J. x


Wed 13th Mar 2019 13:59

Thank you very much Hugh and Keith!

Thank you Jon, David and Jason for reading and liking!


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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Mar 2019 11:34


Beautiful words. Well said.

Thank you


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Wed 13th Mar 2019 10:46

Few words but a bleeding clever poem.


Wed 13th Mar 2019 10:41

Hi Dorothy,

Thank you so much!!! I am so happy I could cheer you up!!!

As usually, thank you for your comment!

Have a great day!!!


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Dorothy Webb

Wed 13th Mar 2019 10:32

Anya Thank you ---

Your poem arrived just in time - I have just been writing some very gloomy comments, and I am feeling a bit low, then I read your poem -

Those last three lines are very true and I never want to know what it feels like not to feel.


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