the burning

The burning

Let Rome burn, so spake Nero or one of his flunkies

Towns and cities are burning every day in the Middle East

Flames taste not of roasted chestnuts in the Alley

Of peace but the stench of hatred fills the air.

This will continue till the last drop of oil, better still

Until we don`t need petrol for our cars any more.

In the middle of this, we have Israel armed to the teeth

Yet fearful, it is as it knows the future is lost.

I wonder why so many high ranking officers in the USA have 

German surnames, one thinks it is a tradition.

In new wars to come it will be about water- resources.

Look out Scandinavia, so you don`t end up like Libya.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Mar 2019 15:07

Oil is a product - and this sees those countries producing it to seek
its benefits from those willing to pay its price. There are some
famous (or infamous?) names among the former. Their customers
will seek the most advantageous way in obtaining it. I'm not sure
oil alone is the source of the conflicts - of interest and otherwise -
in the Middle East. In fact, I'd say that ideology is the primary culprit: inflexible thinking and belief seeking primacy over other lives.
The "West" - so often in the dock as a culprit - would surely prefer
to deal with market forces it understands and appreciates, rather than the set-in-stone mindsets that bedevil certain lands and have
barely left the Middle Ages In their refusal to keep up with the world beyond their borders in so many ways. Democracy
has to be negotiated with such as they - far from easy for those
brought up to understand and abide by its basic good intent and
aims. Not always possible but nonetheless worth keeping uppermost in mind at all times, even if some of our own UK-based minds seem to have put those considerations aside at present...
somewhat closer to home.

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