The drummin' has a rhythm

An' the rhythm has a beat

The drummin' is in rhythm

With the tappin' of our feet

I'm dancin' to the rhythm

An' the rhythm aint the blues

I can hear the guitar singin'

An' I'm shakin' in my shoes

Yeah! I hear the guitar singin'

An' it's singin' to my soul

I hear the drummer drummin'

That beat from long ago

Music's gettin' louder

An' we're dancin' in the dust

I hear the guitar wailin'

An' it's wailin out our pain

The drummer keeps a drummin'

An' the rhythm's just the same

Yeah! I hear the drummer drummin'

An' the rhythm doesn't change

My heart is kinda' poundin'

An' I 'm cryin out my pain

I see the dust arisin'

An' our stompin' starts again

Yeah! I see the dust arisin'

An' our stoppin starts again

We're dancin' to the rhythm

to the rhythm' an' the beat

We're dancin' to the rhythm

To the rhythm of the street





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Dorothy Webb

Mon 11th Mar 2019 07:54

Raspberry Ripple has no place here - it is all Moonshine.

Anya Thank you.

KJ Walker
that's just a hangover - maybe you took part too.

see above

any volunteers?

Thank you all for your comments - sometimes it is good to let your hair down.

Kate G

Mon 11th Mar 2019 06:53

This one's begging for performance Dorothy - go for it!

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Don Matthews

Mon 11th Mar 2019 00:45

I like the rhythm here. Unsure about the Raspberry Ripple 😎

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kJ Walker

Sun 10th Mar 2019 19:01

I could hear a drumbeat in my head as I read it.


Sun 10th Mar 2019 18:12

Brilliant Dorothy!!! I love it!!! 😘

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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Mar 2019 18:11

Dorothy, I suspect that all this dancing, rythm and beat could come from having had too much Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream.

I enjoy this for its vibrancy.
Thank you


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