chicken and fado

Chicken and Fado


 They eat a lot of roasted chicken with chips

in Portugal, once it was a rare food now it is eaten

with gusto most days, it is cheap and filling.

What sets Portugal apart is Fado,

I know of no other country with music that grabs

your heartstrings and makes you cry evokes

memories of yore, bitter and sweet.

I don`t know the origin of Fado but to my ears

it has a mysterious Arabic undertone.

On TV there is a “Festa” from one of the many villages

in the interior of Portugal, the faces are dark brown

from the outdoor work, accordion music

is played, quick tunes the women sways and the menfolk

stay in the background drinking wine.

Here the old and the young mingle there is no drunkenness

only good humour from the land of harmony.


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