Lesson No 65

Lesson No 65

(Written in response to a poem by Prof Glen Phillips.)


See, diamonds are hard

as everyone knows,

a girl must have metal

for this century’s woes.


Getting her rocks off

whether blond, red or brunette

no faking, no waiting – Helen,

woman hasn’t peaked yet.


While gentlemen play with image

cream blondes, brunettes achieve.

Red wears stainless steel bands

inscribed with ‘We must believe!’


Don’t strive for tabloid wants

look past the surface bling,

there’s more to a woman

tho’ the sparkle is tempting…


Frances Macaulay Forde  © 2007

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 8th Mar 2019 01:49

I wonder.

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 8th Mar 2019 01:40

Thank you, Jason.
Your comment absolutely explains my intention.
I appreciate and am grateful for lessons learnt from my poetic mentor Prof. Glen Phillips, he loves to tease me with poems he knows will force a response, surprising me with the result. A wise and gentle teacher from far off Uni days.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 7th Mar 2019 17:53

I've always found it fascinating the extent to which women are associated with diamonds and how alike they are, captivating beauty formed by taking the building block of life, carbon and putting it under immense pressure.
I've often thought if anything were fit to be a metaphor for women and womanhood the diamond does it perfectly.
So beautiful you can't take your eye off it and at the same time the worlds hardest substance and considering everything women have to go through in their lives, it's a good job they're tough.

J. x

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