there is comfort in words that loosely hang together

without the dubious benefit of commas and full stops

gloriously they mingle unrestrained by rules of grammar

proclaiming their authenticity denied by scholarships


dialects and accents mix happily together

in market towns football grounds and bustling train stations

where milling crowds meet to greet their friends and relations

and adjectives and pronouns have no place


small children chatter freely unencumbered by constraints

their sentences imperfect but their meanings are still clear

as they explain about those little things that children hold so dear

                                                                                       without the stumbling blocks of  indoctrinated rules




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Dorothy Webb

Fri 8th Mar 2019 10:30

You have got inside the 'shell' of my poem.
Thank you.


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 8th Mar 2019 08:06

There is often a manifest elitism displayed by those who are learned in language. Whilst I understand the necesity for formality in communication to better enable understanding, it can be intimidating and is often used for that very purpose.

I believe in the most critical moments of our lives and when most needed we find our primal insticts to communicate, these do not include recognisable words or the restrictive leash some call grammar.

As always thought inducing writing Dorothy,


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Dorothy Webb

Wed 6th Mar 2019 16:25

Thank you for your comments, they are valued and appreciated.

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Dorothy Webb

Wed 6th Mar 2019 16:19

I agree, that without rules legal documents, formal instructions and the like would be jumble of confusing words..

"I'm 75 but still ready to learn things"
I have just started my journey, it's a journey that did not expect to make, and while my inescurities still lurk below the surface, I am enjoying this journey far more than I ever thought possible .I am overwhelmed by the amount of goodwill that I have experienced on this blog.

my poem was of course tongue in cheek - just wanted to let my hair down.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 6th Mar 2019 15:07

Ah...but would any true Devon-born child - with all that delightful Devonian terminology - be understood by a Geordie kid...or vice
versa? Across the country, local dialects have existed - and
confused; note the intentional Cockney rhyming slang intended
to deceive intrusive ears, such as the forces of law and order.
The Queen's English (received pronunciation) has one great quality -
it is understood in the widest sense among those using the English
language wherever they may be in the world. Like the study (and'
language?) of music, there is a need for commonly understood
rules, however taxing and irritating they may be. I seek solace in
the possession of a number of books on the language, plus a
dictionary and thesaurus, all of which add to the craft of writing -
and it IS a craft, like any other, requiring the right tools and application of the mind to achieve the desired result. I'm 75 but
still ready to learn things about successful communication and
the importance of understanding what is meant.
Good luck!

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Wed 6th Mar 2019 13:18

I find this poem very refreshing in the sense that common parlance will always absorb and assimilate and keep the cogs turning where it has its place. As a lover of words and analysis I realize it is a rich source within relationships . I envy the ease and flow as an outsider unfortunately, simply because I am lost to poetic thinking. A very valid poem Dorothy.


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Dorothy Webb

Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:55

What on earth would we make of unreadable rows of dots and dashes?
Maybe we would take pity on you and send a friendly computer repair man to your door, but it is more than likely to be some other gentleman in a white coat.
Thank you for your comment.


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Jason Bayliss

Wed 6th Mar 2019 10:08

I did think it might be funny to review it in Morse, just for the long series of dots and dashes, but then realised I'd forgotten how to write it.😁
Dorothy, love your work, love your style, love your outlook on life, in short just love you.😀

J. x

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Dorothy Webb

Wed 6th Mar 2019 09:04

Punctuation is something i have not given much thought to, 'till now.
Spelling is my big problem but i am lucky I have a much needed 'rock' to guide me.
Please do "get in on the act" it is light hearted fun.


Kate G

Wed 6th Mar 2019 08:56

Dorothy, I always get a warm glow when I see a new piece pop up from you. Love this, is there a theme going on? Don and D. Knape are writing about punctuation too! I hope to be inspired so I can get in on the act....

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