Time to see the priest

He is strapped into his wheelchair

behind the various gizmos

that bring him to life


She chats to him as she tidies up.

Slumped in his chair he is silent.

He is unable to answer her.


She gets ready for their usual walk

but today he won't be going.

She is going out on her own.


As she sits in a pew at St Josephs

she thinks about his vacant expression

whilst she waits for Father Thomas

to hear her confession

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Brian Maryon

Sun 3rd Mar 2019 18:17

Thanks all.

Mark - I had something in mind - a mercy killing - but it's good that others see a possible alternative reason.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Mar 2019 15:35

There is an intriguingly sinister side to the last verse that begs the
question for me - what was she needing to confess?

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