The perfect vacuum


He wrote because he didn’t want to talk,

he didn’t want to talk because no-one listened,

no-one listened because they were busy talking.


He read because he didn’t want to listen,

he didn’t want to listen because no one ever read,

no-one read because they all knew everything.


So he buried himself in solitude

so no-one ever knew.

If only we all listened we might learn a thing or two.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 27th Feb 2019 03:17

Thank you Kate,

Always good to see and hear from you.


Kate G

Mon 25th Feb 2019 12:25

I can relate to this feeling David. An effective, efficient poem that says a lot.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 25th Feb 2019 11:04

There have been quite a few likes so please forgive me for coming back in to say thanks specifically for them.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 25th Feb 2019 08:56

Thanks for all the comments folks,

Vautaw, I think your comment and question highlights the importance of the specificity and deployment of language. I lazily used the word ban when I was speaking on the audio track, I should have said restriction to be specific, had I written that declaration I most likely would have use the word restriction.

A person cannot ban themselves after all, a ban is an imposed state usually enacted by some use of external authority.

So forgive me I should have said "restricted myself" as in showing a level of restraint. This really feeds into the whole idea of Listening and Speaking and making oneself clearly understood.

I think we enable these processes better when we take time to listen and take time to comprehend what other people are saying, either verbally or in written form. To my mind this is best done by setting our own thoughts aside if only for a while, by abstaining from our own rattle.

I have found that to occasionally shut up and listen is a very good way to recharge batteries and imaginations.

I suspect some people find that hard to believe of me, but there are many hours in a day.


"If you want to write well, read"

I still haven't read enough and doubt I ever will have.

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Mon 25th Feb 2019 02:17

Why would you do a writing ban? I enjoy reading and listening to your poems. Please keep writing! 💖

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Sun 24th Feb 2019 20:40

Seriously David, I think we all live in a staccato firestorm of convictions levelled from the hip or the lip; often without due care or attention. Conversation between open minds can be a wonderful experience as long as it is well matched. There are stereotypes that force their way and disrupt , it should be our duty I believe to try to see all sides of any argument.

Reading should be an exquisite pleasure given that it exists in blissful silence. I can never read when others are talking, which is quite sad in the circumstances.
I enjoyed the framing of your thoughts - there is a logic to it!


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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 24th Feb 2019 19:45

Thanks Rachel,

of course on a play on words vacuums are far from perfect, what is perfect can indeed be a perfect prison.

I learned very early on in life just how much a relief it can be to not understand what nonsense may be being spoken due to language barriers. On the other side of the coin I came to understand how that state can be a terrible barrier to opportunity, that and cultural formalities which are so often misinterpreted/misunderstood.

I also found that not understanding a language yet being subjected to it can quickly form a deep seated distrust and alienation from which racism is easily cultivated. So thanks for bringing out those aspects.

I have often felt recently that communication is far too much hard work, the pay off simply isn't always worth the effort. That said I continue, much to the dismay of others I expect...which pleases me greatly.


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Martin Elder

Sun 24th Feb 2019 19:32

I am reminded of the phrase banging your head against a brick wall.
Nice one David

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Dorothy Webb

Sun 24th Feb 2019 17:09

"He didn't want to talk because no one listened"


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Sun 24th Feb 2019 16:02

One trouble with vacuums can be that the pressure only goes one way--inward.

I'm still wrestling a bit with the final line, but not because it's without meaning. I don't want to be too irreverent but it reminds me of hearing Lewis Black say that the best thing about being in a country where you don't speak the language is that you don't have to listen to people's trivial BS while you're trying to enjoy lunch.

On a side note, self-imposed restrictions are often the most unsatisfying to break.


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