an 'almost' true story - Just for the giggle.


We rushed to catch the early bus,

we did it, we did, but it was a rush

we rattled up the curving stairs

proffered up our exact fairs,

then plumped upon our seats to rest.


          "Are you wearing your warm vest

          winter's nearly here my dear

          and what about your navy knickers?"


Around the bus I heard their sniggers

and, pulling my hat down over my eyes,

wished I could find a better disguise


Then she said all hail and hearty


            "Imust dig out your winter nighty"


Dear lord please make my mother stop

                                          or let me die upon this spot.







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Dorothy Webb

Wed 20th Feb 2019 20:03

Thank you all for you comments - I did not expect any reaction to it -
just shows how much i know.

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Jason Bayliss

Tue 19th Feb 2019 22:58

Love this Dorothy. My mum was a bugger for digging out old photos and giving me skin care advice in front of new girlfriends, she doesn't do it now and never meant any harm. We laugh about it now though 😁

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Tue 19th Feb 2019 22:06

Excellent and squirmingly true Dorothy. My mum knitted me a balaclava with just an oval space for my features. A shop keeper where we went together said to her: How old is she? I headed for the door prematurely.


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Tue 19th Feb 2019 18:04

Reading this made me remember my mother once getting my younger brother a pair of leather brogans with a Winnie the Pooh in bright yellow plastered on the side. It also made me remember that they ended up buried in a mud hole, irrevocably ruined.

When arguments and reason don't work, we have resourcefulness and a touch of creativity to guarantee our freedom.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 19th Feb 2019 14:38

Hi Dorothy,

That is an amusing little ditty, but you know its very true isn't it.

Mothers can be terribly embarrassing and there comes a point when it is no longer acceptable or funny to be the recipient of that smothering.

I actually left my job in the city I worked in to partly escape from my mothers over protective tractor-beam..I hated it with a passion. I had always wanted to join up and it was the best way for me to escape, I had relatively few qualifications of note but was sporty and pretty keen. Best thing I ever did. I do believe my mother was even jealous of my girlfriends, the moment I recognised that dynamic I thought to myself, "time to bugger off pal" and I did...extremely unhealthy state of affairs indeed.

My mother never grew out of it and she still absolutely drives me nuts, I have to protect my son from her but he is far more self assured and intelligent than I was.

Any way so your light hearted verse actually reaches deeper than you maybe intended, which is always satisfying.

Cheers for now,


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Dave Caplan

Tue 19th Feb 2019 13:08

Mothers.....some children do 'ave 'em !

Nice one Dorothy.

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