Oh Soul dear!!!

I am tired of running a race with my soul

It just can not accept certain realities of life

How far i shall let it roam in imaginations

The soul needs to wake up before it's too late


Oh soul dear! Somethings are not meant to be

They are better in dreams and prayers

For those who aren't a part of you

Will never understand your pain and be with you


Oh soul dear! Have faith in your Lord

Live the life that you are blessed with

Stop complaining, crying and begging

If it is not happening then leave it as it is


Oh soul dear! I can feel your torturous aches

I know what is breaking within slowly continuously

Now all the pain, hurt and destruction has reached its saturation

It's time for rain and all the negativities will finally drain


Oh soul dear! Come to me for i have a special place for thee

Amidst the gardens of pleasure and neverending happiness

There is a golden gate to the Lord's fortress

Seek refuge within that gate and never in forbiden plains trespass again


Oh soul dear! I am happy for your liberty and integrity

For these are divine gifts from the lord almighty

So thankfully accept them and in life use these wisely

For nothing is beyond the truth of destiny


Oh wise soul! You have fought life's battles alone

God did help you at every hour when darkness spread around you

So how now you think God will ever forget and leave you

For you have steadfastly fought without losing any hope


O trustworthy soul dear! Be your good self always

Let not the pollution and diseases of the world creep within you

Take the antidotes and vaccinations of faith and belief and keep moving slowly

Everything will turn in your favour soon and you will be happy again


Oh dear soul! I know you have many dreams to achieve

But let God makea way for you to help your goal to reach

For all good is from Allah alone and nothing comes from you

So patiently persevere with unshakeable faith cos that is the only right way


O soul dear! Whoever Allah thinks is good for you shall stay

God removes tjings and people who have no more part to play

Time once lived shall never be lived again

So stop turning the clock to past for having the same


O soul dear! It's time to move on and carry on

You have endeavours to achiieve with help from almighty

Don't lose focus on the objectives high and great

Don't deter from responsibilities that have come your way


O soul dear! Prepare yourself well for the life to come

It's not going to be an easy battle

So equip yourself with the goodness and things

That will be required when you head forward struggling


O soul dear! Your struhggles are for you to fight

No one else can play the part that God has for you decide

So don't stop and go the wrong way in life

Making a U turn today is a decision better and wise


Oh soul dear! You have travelled so far and wide

Much have you achieved in struggles of life

So don't be too hard and unjust with yourself

Let things go as easily as they should with the flow of faith


O soul dear! You will soon make it to the destined shore

Where tranquility flows from door to door

With the help and love of Almighty God

You will definitely make it to the gilded gates of fortunes and eternal bliss


Oh soul dear! Get up and stand up straight

Follow the path that you know is right

Don't look for a lovers hand for respite

For he who is assigned the duty will make it to you till eternity


O soul dear! God has heard all your cries of prayers

He knows what your heart so dearly wants and loves

Allah will never disappoint you in this life and next

Your blessings are packed with your name and God through angels has for you sent


O soul dear! Sing the praise of your Lord as King David did

When your parcel from God you receive just prostrate and feel the joy

God is for sure happy with you at all good and odd hours

So stay happy and feel forever blessed for Allah himself is walking your life with you from this life to next


Humble soul of my Rabb!!

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Bindu Trigunayak

Fri 22nd Feb 2019 06:55

Beautiful poem?

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