Morning light came up on the shadows of souls

Down lonely dark roads littered with toads

That rained down from the sky, like a biblical plague

To drown out the sorrows’ and errors they’d made


And the rivers like blood, ran deep and dark

As the righteousness stood by, and the mad dogs barked

A fowl stench filled the air… it was one of pure dread

Of countless men’s fears and the infinite dead


And demons feasted on ethereal thoughts

Of the terror and deeds those evil men wrought

The wrongs of man now weighed in the balance

The fulcrum is true as an Angel’s parlance


The word of God now silent to man

As no one spoke out, now there’s no one that can

The message tis’ lost, all that’s left being hope

Pray your grip be strong, on the forth horses rope



#belief #faith #hopeThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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keith jeffries

Thu 21st Mar 2019 13:52

Excellent poem
Thank you


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Paul Sayer

Mon 18th Feb 2019 19:49

Bloody hell mate I can't beleive... Who am I trying to kid LOL

Yes I can

Thanks for that Brian old mate.


I have ONLY just seen the thingamebob at the top right of the comments box!!!!!!

I never use this browser normally.

I do not get this option on my old browser!!!!

Now I can get down with the kids like a proper poster

Po ?

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Brian Maryon

Mon 18th Feb 2019 18:26

Been over the Forth Bridge a couple of times...never spotted any horses in the water. Lol Po...I know it was a typo. Good peom.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 18th Feb 2019 16:45

The forth horsemen of the apocalypse, he rides a pale horse... the only one named... DEATH!

Hope that helps Jen

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jennifer Malden

Mon 18th Feb 2019 16:33

Wow - really strong language - don't get 'the forth horses rope'? The fourth horse's rope? Great stuff anyway - probably just me being thick


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