Weird Suffering

And because every poem makes me remember of them, this one reminds me of you.
And if a thousand times you ignore me,
a thousand times closer I'll be.

Even though you didn't see me, I was always there in front of you, inside your eyes, reflecting my soul through your retina, waiting for them to look around.

You play deaf, you play bored, you play with your own dog, it really seems you are alone.

And when you finally understand how you feel, and when you finally get to know yourself first,
by that time you will know you weren't alone.
You were yourself.

By the time you read this,
By the time you understand it,
I'll be gone forever, from your hands, from your arms. 
You won't remember, you will regret it.

Because somebody loved you when you were a stranger, because somebody loved your weirdness, because somebody loved your inner self, because somebody cared while you were asleep, and when that day comes,
I'll be singing a song to my next suffering.

◄ Every entity seems more beautiful



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