Ode to Depression


Feels like a cloud of grey smothering you in your own thoughts till it becomes too hard to breathe or weights holding you down underneath the sheets. You are drowing in all that you feel trying to keep your head just barely above the waves. No matter how much you struggle to be released the harder it is to stay alive.


Sounds like a constant nag reminding you of all the mistakes you've made, saying things like "You're worthless" or "You'll never get past this". Sounding like a baby with colic and no way to calm it. It screams at you louder and louder turning into the roar of lion. You cover your ears to attempt drowing out the blood- curdling screams but nothing can tame the beast inside your mind. 


Tastes like dried blood from chewing your tongue to keep the words left unsaid. The words in your mouth have become rotten from holding them back so long. They have turned sour and began to sting your wounded tongue. You spew your ruthless venom to coward in the mirror speaking lies. 


Smells like death. A morgue filled with dead people who wish they'd had more time, one day you'll be just like them. The stench is as strong as the largest onion bringing you to your knees making your eyes water out of pity. 


Looks like dark nights alone on a newly paved road with only headlights as you're guide. Behind your eyelids you remember Razor blades, long sleeves and blood stained carpets. When your by yourself the only things in front of you are empty beer bottles and cigarette butts. You'll fill up the bathtub as scorching water flows from the faucet. Looking around you see uncapped medicine bottles, little blue pills pall silently to the floor. You get in the tub, dunk you're head under and hold you're breath. Time pases. Silence falls. You shoot back up knowing that tomorrow you will relive to tell you're story again.  


(I know my punctuation is at risk so feel free to point out the mistakes.)

Shannon ►


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Wed 22nd Jan 2020 14:22

The only thing I would say about your punctuation is

I have erased the final 'full stop'

Never stop writing!

Please can I borrow this to read on an open mic night.

You can have it back, honest.

I will give you 100% credit (they will know it's not one of my pieces of doggerel in any/at any event;)


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Laura Heydon

Tue 19th Feb 2019 10:03

I felt every emotion from each word that was written it’s a powerful piece of art ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 18th Feb 2019 08:25

Powerful emotions which hit their mark. As Anya says don't worry about punctuation, just bring out what's inside

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