Who are the real culprits?

Why only common people die

When there is a riot or a war

While the politicians and administrators don't die

They only hide behind the crimes with woeful smiles


Why only the poor have to suffer

While the rich stays in homes comfortable

The women are raped, men are killed and children orphaned

The government passes bill inorder of country's protection


Why only the juniors in army and police are murdered

The seniors who make the rules never in least suffer

The political leaders happily fly safe and protected

Whereas the workers of the party bear the brunts of unrest


Why the higher officials and authorities are spared from every turmoil

When in reality they are the ones who make laws against the general public

Could it be they are actually the culprits creating all the tensions

Are they the ones making money under the table for selling the secrets of the nation


The investigations seldom reach conclusion

Investigators are either murdered or tortured

Files are never complete and truths get concealed

Is it hard to understand who are the real culprits

◄ Superior Race?

Oh Soul dear!!! ►



Wed 20th Feb 2019 16:24

It is the sad reality... The way of the world.

It has always been this way.
That's not to say we can't change it!



Tue 19th Feb 2019 10:24

Thank you Keith for reading and appreciating the content. Your views are gladly accepted...thank you?

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keith jeffries

Sun 17th Feb 2019 13:10


In this poem you have touched on the truth. It is a poem, which if extended, could be quite exceptional.
Thank you for this


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