Keep Calm And Carry On (The Poem, mk2)


High above your head a pastel dove hangs-
but why would you look away from your daily concerns?
Drive through weathers to reach your destination.
The bird is gliding there. Stand stock still 
for that momentous decision. The bird hovers there.
From the distance imposed on me
I follow the bird with a watchful eye
and therefore yourself through all your battles.
You live your sorrows and joys as you should
oblivious of the beating wings, just as the silent bird
remains unmoved by your shrieks of happiness or pain.
But my ever keen eye sees a stroke of good fortune in the air,
a common cotton shawl to drape over your shoulders,
an ideal image without complicating explanations.

Affecting images seem most clear
in still pools of the quiet mind;
they are how we first find such pools exist.
And so the songs I love try, stumbling
through tangled outland,
to prove those pools are there.

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