Superior Race?

Why to shed blood on earth for an ordinary post

Annihilation of nations and races at demonic cost

Innocent People are slaughtered for no fault of course

No one knows the reasons except the destructive source


Arrogance and pride ingrained with thoughts higher

A complex developed thinking oneself grander

When everyone is blessed similar then why complex superior

How can some divide mankind on the basis of exterior


Greed for money and power rests in evil hearts

Their lust have made them Satan’s parts

Man an enemy of man turned out of jealousy

How can such malicious desires be born in many


Even if the gold and silver you may own

One day anyways all you have will be gone

Then who are you amassing all this wealth for

After death the grandchildren yours, will you abhor


Even if you become the president of this universe for fifty long years

Even behind closed doors in strong forts, you will be chased by death austere

Then why are you running a race with satanic deeds and hell

Ultimately justice of God will for eternity prevail


Oh Man! Wake up from your complex superior

No man is better than another human companion

No colour, knowledge, money or power can make you lordlier

It’s only a complex you have developed out of imprudent opinions


Hitler was powerful and he died, so did Mussolini and pharaohs of Egypt

None to honour them or own their amassed gold and precious gems

Their huge mansions, palaces and gardens are presently only museums

So why the superiority complex many have when with death, all finally ends

◄ All for love!!

Who are the real culprits? ►


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