anit this and that

The anti this…

 We can be anti this and anti that

say, our hatred of Muslims is there but not deep

and is often based on ignorance.

But we have to face the fact that anti-Semitism

is in the psyche in the western mind.

Here we have to differentiate between Israel and

the Jews as there is not many of them  

in that state of Israel, the sitting government

there are Zionists.

What worries me way anti-Semitism is deep-rooted,

we have to be aware of our feelings at all time

but why is it so?

Of course, the Jews are successful people who

tend to come on top in economic matters, if our

hatred is based on envy we should be ashamed

and clean our souls.

After the war and the pogroms faced by the Jews

in my country to behave Jewish still denote

a negative emotion, like greed, and underhand

as being Jewish when it is not.

I blame Christianity too, over the years, has put

fuel to the fire with Jewish rhetoric.

We must come to the understanding that a Jew

is a fellow man with good and bad qualities 

as I have a look at facts and not the myth.

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not what you see ►


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 16th Feb 2019 23:33

Hello Jan,

You have a habit of prodding the subconscious often, and though you rarely enter into discussion this does not deter others from commenting on your writing. I think that says something about your writing and how it engages.

It is a very sensitive area to enter into the forum of Judaism and Zionism. I think the hatred of the Jews is often so deeply and subliminally introduced into the human psyche that people don't even see it in themselves. I have seen examples of anti-Semitism on WoL that have gone unchallenged, occasionally even when I have communicated concerns to the moderators.

The added lack of understanding among many regarding Jewishness, Zionism and the state of Israel is another huge obstacle to understanding and the ability to engage in discussion without offence. Indeed many regard any word spoken against the state of Israel to be anti Semitic when it is clearly not.

Anyway basically all religion is opiates, sorry I should shut up now.

It's a shame more religious writing on here is not challenged, I suspect most people realise the futility of such debate with the converted and devout. Unfortunately I feel this reluctance to engage and challenge only encourages more preaching and righteousness.


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Sat 16th Feb 2019 21:32

To see beyond the obvious and cut through prejudice and try to explain it is a brave and honourable thing, you have expressed that here Jan. I applaud you for it.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 16th Feb 2019 16:43

Shakespeare had similar thoughts surely, when he gave life to the
character of Shylock. "if you prick us do we not bleed..." The
Jewish diaspora has given much to the culture of the countries in
which they choose to settle. The Christian attitude has been to
seize on the perception of their betrayal of Christ as a reason for
their situation - past - and ongoing to a degree....a sort of religious
"holier than thou" scenario. As for Muslims, their religion is too
restrictive and too judgemental to enjoy widespread conversion in
lands beyond its power base. AND it has NO added
recipe for failure in many eyes and ears here in the West. No
rejoicing voices raised in song is poor PR for any religion! That...
plus the sight of tiny tots bent over books reciting/droning stuff
they can't possibly comprehend. Having said that, I was always suspicious of Sunday School when I was a kid!!

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