Drug addiction!!

Drinking the words day and night

I feel the poetic high

It relaxes my brain

And relieves me off my pain


The intoxicating effect i feel

After slowly injecting the read

The enjoyment starts 

Soon i pick the drinking glass 


The poetic high is all i need

It's the best drug i ever feed

Like few hard shots in my vien

The soul dances swift brain


I wouldn't share this high with anyone

Cos it's what i am greedy for

Especially a drug now i am addicted to

Jealously i drink when others share it too


Hey you my morphine, brownsugar sweet

Your words and poems are nocturnaly addicting

I pray you to keep supplying it throughout my life

Cos a missing shot will leave me dying



◄ It's a new day!!

Speed!!!! ►



Wed 20th Feb 2019 16:54

well said Po.....did u get yours? i'm waiting for mine...will u hurry up??


Wed 20th Feb 2019 16:29

We need to get our daily fix.

God give us this day our daily poetry fix


Fri 15th Feb 2019 16:54

I am really looking forward to ur inspired words Po....come on!! ?


Fri 15th Feb 2019 16:53

Thank you Vaw......that was a nice expression of appreciation in addicted words...lol!!

May this addiction be fruitful to us addicts.....happy addiction!!!?


Fri 15th Feb 2019 16:50

Thnx Po.....ur poems are one ov my fav addictions?

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Fri 15th Feb 2019 12:24

I LOVE this one Do. It's true for me too! Poetry is the best drug around. I wish more people would discover the high and healing effects of poetry. I have always loved poetry, but lately I can feel the dopamine hit from reading and writing it. In fact, I just got a hit from reading this one. Thank you hope dealer! ?


Fri 15th Feb 2019 12:00

This has inspired me to write Do

Nice addiction to have...


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