It's a new day!!

This morning the mind is at peace

The heart is at rest and misses no beat

A smile that welcomes the winter rain

As the day begins with a heavenly gain


Showers of blessings gently falling

Surrounding me with peace and love

The prayers once made answered today

Hoping to fulfill the beautiful destiny


Come hold my hand and share the laughter

With you i feel myself and wholesome

We fit in like a jig saw puzzle

For years our souls yearned this amalgamation


Can you hear the song that my heart sings

Or is it the same song playing in your heart too

The rhythm and rhyme melody to the soul's hear

Contenment as beautiful smile arrayed


Each day brings home a hope new

Someday my dreams and wishes come true

Brimming with happiness i play my part 

Destiny will display all my silent prayers 


◄ by the fire!!

Drug addiction!! ►



Fri 15th Feb 2019 10:28

Drink the peace n happiness ....cheers!!?


Fri 15th Feb 2019 10:25

Reading this is like drinking nectar.


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