by the fire!!

Sitting by the fire, before to bed we retire

We decided to relate the stories old and errie

By the night which was turning cold and dark

The stories ghostly were related all in turns


The unknown man we met at the woods, who lost his way

It was now his face we turned to relate a scary tale

At first he was hesitant and almost shy to speak

But soon motivations flowed and he made a speech


On a similar night like this but with rain and thunderbolts

In a cold, dark dingy cabin lived a gravedigger old

His looks were lanky, his eyes were blank and dim

As if graves in his eyes had buried the dead therein


The night was ghastly and passersby were not many

He pulled his axe and instruments to dig the last grave in

The graveyard was behind his cabin whereto he walked

Suddenly a strange happening made him stand in shock


The grave in which a young man lay buried

Was open with coffin half closed near it

Vicious thoughts crossed his mind as he moved to see

No sooner he touched the coffin there was a woeful scream


He turned to look whose cry it could be

Through the graves to the distant woods

He saw a man clinging to an old banyan tree

His tattered clothes and blistered face, lightening did visible make


The grave digger beckoned and made the gestures right

But that man kept screaming as thunderstorm made him fright

The coffin was creaking as the wind was terribly blowing

So the gravedigger bent and started slowly opening


To his shock the deadbody was gone and the coffin was empty

He pulled the coffin and moved towards the man by the banyan tree

As he approached him, he  screamed more wildly

The moment the gravedigger stopped, the screams were silently lost


The more he walked the distance increased

Atlast he realized the banyan tree he couldn't reach

He pulled his lantern up to see that screaming man

Only to discover he was the one who was buried in that opened grave


The thunder and lightening grew stronger and wilder

Fright had not gripped this bold gravedigger ever

He knew not which way to go as his mind was swallowed

Now the thoughts of ghosts and spirits griped his mind and he fainted out of fright


In the morning when he woke at the call of unknown words that people around him spoke

He realized that the scary night had passed and fear was over

He looked towards his shabby cabin and tried to get in there

No one uttered a word to him as he slowly made his way homeward


From the window of his cabin he saw a priest near a grave

Last prayer of mercy for the dead he made

He lifted the shed to get a better view of who lay in the coffin new

But to his dismay the mud had made its way and covered that grave


Lost in woods, the gravedigger never could get back on his foot

Unable to eat as his hunger died that night because of fright

Finally he thought he would fly his way to the woods

And to his shock he could fly from tree to tree which made him really happy


The people listening this young man's story

Showed disbelief at his flying story

Inorder to prove them wrong he slowly moved

And then flew his way to the distant woods



◄ Who is he?

It's a new day!! ►



Thu 14th Feb 2019 16:49

Yea, the poem is sccary....while i was writing, i felt scared of my own thoughts.....but dear Po.....i'm sure, 'ts not that scary for you....hahaha.
Thank you for your motivation, it's a silly contribution to the halt before the onward journey to the you remember.😉


Thu 14th Feb 2019 12:28


Bravo Dearest Do.

Some great rhyme in them there lines.

Don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Well thought out, keeping the suspense up with each verse.


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