Who is he?

A question that arise in many minds

To find the satisfying answers for once

Reading the holy books of God and relying

It takes faith and belief to accept the powerful words


For the senses can't perceive His entity

He is hidden behind divine obscurity

It takes faith and belief to accept His divinity

The inscriptions describes His perfect qualities


Should we question His existence and discard belief

Simply because hands can't touch and eyes can't see

This is where the test of faith and belief stands for eternity

If you would perceive then where would the test of belief be


Believing the holy words of Almighty through scriptures true

Is a mark of a believers unshakeable faith and belief too

For he who has an unwavering faith shall enter paradise through His grace

Rest who doubt the words true will await for final verdict by God true


Shouldn't this belief be backed by sound reasoning and convincing truths

So that our hearts could happily abide by the words true

How can the convictions be built on frail and superstitous logic

The truth is one that is common sense and easy to follow rules


A deep study of the scriptures is required to convince the soul

For then believing and practising becomes easy for all

So Read and Read in the name of the one who sent that Book

For reading opens the gates of truth and makes easy the journey of eternal truth


Unbiased opinions one should hold before reading the scriptures old

For then the knowledge actually opens the minds of dead souls

The heart shall be guided truly if one tries to take this endeavour holy

Embarking the ship of faith is easy and safe if one is prepared for this journey


Read and the Almighty shall guide you

Abide for then knowldge becomes habit

Preach for these words aren't in lockers to keep

Let the world realize the beauty of the divine words of truth


Faith is unwavering and unquestioning when reasons are satisfied

When the heart is convinced by imbibing the knowledge pure

Belief isn't a word based on superstious customs anymore

It's then the enlightened soul is full of energy and powers of intutions that guides him forever more


If faith and belief are instilled out of fear and guilt

Then these aren't reasons convincing

To follow the Almighty with whole heart and soul

Soon you shall be amongst those who sit at the doubts door


Belief in Almighty is a gift to those who purify their souls

Once the truth is perceived they just didn't doubt it anymore

Levels after levels the rise in the task of holy life

To reside in the forts of faith bulit by holy strides


Don't mix the worldly customs and beliefs in a single bowl

For then it causes troubles for the purified soul

You can't just make an unholy mixture of worldly mirth

And drink it to attain the spiritual powers


If true faith is what you are striving for 

Then set on a righteous journey of learning truth

Pray to Almighty to unfold the hidden realities

The enlightenment shall be achieved while striving through this jouney


Hope the message is crystal clear to those seeking truth

If not then pray to Lord for more convincing facts through holy books

And soon shall things be easy for those who really wish to find the truth

And life in this world and after this shall be one that your soul desires earnestly



◄ Whispering wisdom!!!

by the fire!! ►



Thu 14th Feb 2019 17:01

Thank you keith for supporting the faith and belief for many are doubtful and full of disbelief. Faith is indeed a gift, if only you heed to perceive the truth. Stay blessed and walk in faith,, for life is easyand journey is meaningful. Purpose in life adds beauty.

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Feb 2019 22:13

Do, this is a poem profound and earnestly delivered. There are many who would seriously challenge your premise. With immense gratitude I possess the gift of faith. Scripture endorses and supports my belief but it has been through prayer and a personal relationship with the Divine that my faith has matured. This is the treasure spoken of in the gospels......the pearl of great price which can never be wrested from one. Thank you for thispoem, an expose of faith. Keith

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